FAQ Stop and Shop Survey

  • Question – How frequently am I allowed to join the sweepstakes for the Stop and Shop Customer Survey?

Answer – You are permitted to enter five possibilities for each monthly access period.

  • Question – Is it possible for me to use the same survey rule while introducing other periods?

Answer – No, the legislation of individual surveys is appropriate solely for the former.

  • Question – When does the entry period for the Stop and Shop Survey Sweepstakes begin and end?

Answer – The public relations campaign’s conclusion will occur between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

  • Question – What Is the Description of the A+ School Reward Program?

Answer – Using the Shop & Stop Card, you can earn points for your school via the A+ School Rewards program. The sum of the points earned by your organization will be updated at the end of each calendar month to reflect the new total.

  • Question – What benefits come with owning a Stop & Shop card, please?

Answer – Customers who use their Stop & Shop cards can access special promotions, including discounts, bargains, and even free items. You will also need a Stop & Shop card to redeem your A+ School Rewards.

  • Question – What steps must I take to get a Stop & Shop card?

Answer – Signing up on the Stop & Shop website is the only requirement. Upon completing the registration process, you will be given a temporary card that may be used immediately. You may get your official card in the mail. At the Customer Service Counter, you may also sign up for a card immediately if you want to.

  • Question – Why should I sign up for the Gas Rewards program?

Answer – You may earn points toward the purchase of gasoline by using your Stop & Shop card to pay for certain items. One hundred points are equivalent to a savings of ten cents off every gallon.

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